ashley's spiels

Feb 23
Ashley feels like a douche. A sensitive douche.

So there was a huge, devastating fire in my town today. Literally the worst disaster in my town’s history; 5 people died, and four of them were children. The volunteer fire department in my town worked from 3 in the morning on to put out the fire. Many of them got injured physically, and the others mentally wounded. Then they were harassed by reporters, because it’s not like they had not gone through enough for one day. But, it really makes me think about how amazing these people are - volunteering and risking their lives to save others. 

Now is the real point of this post. Remorse, and doing what’s right. I know that’s a little deep than what I usually post but please, hear me out. In May(?) I was asked to work a comedy show, doing spotlight and such. This was for none other than our volunteer fire department. Being the spoiled teenage I am, I complained about “my time” and how there was nothing in it for me. I did my job, not expecting anything. As I went to leave, the firefighters running the even stopped me and handed me $30 in cash. $30 dollars. To a teenager, that’s a lot, especially to me who had nothing. Here’s where the remorse comes in… I took the damn money. What the hell was wrong with me?

That money was charity, raised to help out volunteers and an organization without much funding. I was a stupid, greedy teenager. And looking back after today, I realize that that money could have been much more useful for them than for me. I got a DVD. They could have gotten coffee for the Squad or something to help out. And I feel like a jerk…

I know it’s not a huge deal, but in the end it matters. And the whole point is, DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT WILL MATTER. Because that could have been my house on fire. That could have been my family or my friend’s life that needed saving. But no matter who I was or what I did, those firemen would have saved any life that needed it. Same with every other volunteer there. Police, rescue squad, everyone. Having friends that are EMT’s, I really should have had this epiphany-ish thing much sooner, but I’m hoping no matter how cliche it sounds, that everyone can learn from a day like today. 

God Bless.